The Ride of a Lifetime – Horse Riding Holidays are for Everyone

“Aye, there’s no finer sight anywhere in the world that that” said a voice at my elbow. Just at that moment, as we rested at ease on the superbly well-mannered horses who’d been our companions these many miles, I wasn’t quite sure sure if our trail guide was referring to the sweeping panorama of the Scottish north-west coast laid out before us with the glittering sea-loch before us pointing out to the North Atlantic beyond, or the friendly and inviting looking hotel nestling on the shores of the loch which marked the end of a gruelling, but immensely satisfying week long trail ride across some of the most wonderful scenery Scotland has to offer. I’d always wanted to do the ride from coast to coast across the Scottish moors and glens and I hadn’t been disappointed. The scenery had been superb and the horses perfect for the task – neither too skittish for the less experienced riders in the group nor the sort of beach plodder that takes all the fun out of it for the more experienced rider.

That’s the beauty of selecting your perfect riding holiday. If you look carefully and choose well, there are packages to suit all tastes and levels of experience from the long distance trail ride that I’d promised myself for so long, to shorter hacks and treks in gorgeous countryside. For those who want to improve their formal riding skills, there are residential courses available to suit everyone from novice to experienced equestrian. Never tried jumping before? A short course combined with a relaxing break in a wonderful setting could be just what you’re looking for to increase your riding skills and help you to get more out of the hobby. If you’re lucky enough to have your own horse, many holiday providers are very happy to provide accommodation (and training) for both of you.

Whatever holiday you choose, you’ll have the opportunity to explore a totally new horizon from a uniquely satisfying vantage point – sixteen or so hands high.

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